Our History

BCCAT was established in February 1993. The original school was located in Elmwood Park, New Jersey and was formed to serve a segment of the population in need of developing skills for today’s increasingly technical world. Educators with more than twenty years of experience developed the programs to provide high quality training to prepare students for the demands of today’s job market.

From this beginning it became clear that a large need within the student body was to develop their spoken and written English language skills. To meet this need BCCAT has changed its focus from technical training to become a successful English as a Second Language school.

Our Mission

BCCAT is committed to providing high-quality instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL), allowing students to develop the cultural knowledge and linguistic achievement to thrive both academically and socially in the United States.


By fulfilling BCCAT’s Mission we will:

In order to achieve our mission we are dedicated to the following:

a. To provide an excellent working environment to attract and retain qualified ESL teaching professionals and use a wide variety of up-to-date teaching techniques, technology and assessments to match the different learning styles of our diverse student population.

b. To provide a clean, comfortable environment for learning and socializing, and offer counseling for the many concerns students may have, whether academic, personal or immigration related.

Location and Environment

BCCAT is located at 60 Saddle River Avenue, South Hackensack, New Jersey 07606. It is strategically placed for accessibility to major arteries including the Garden State Parkway, the New Jersey Turnpike, and Routes 17, 21, 46 and 80.

BCCAT is easily accessible by public transport including NJ Transit bus #160 Elmwood Park which stops directly outside of the school and runs between Elmwood and New York City. The Bergen County Line train stops just a few blocks away at the Garfield Station.

The school is housed in a one story building custom fitted to meet the needs of the students and the institution. The school measures approximately 10,000 square feet with each classroom purpose built to comfortably accommodate the optimum number of students to ensure clear instruction.

In addition to classrooms the school includes a resource room, a conference room, a multipurpose room, a student lounge and offices.

BCCAT is a barrier free institution and its facility is in compliance with the standards set by the American Disabilities Act.

School Facilities

Classrooms: BCCAT has 10 classrooms with seating ranging from 12 to 25.

Resource Room and Library: The Resource Room contains books, journals, magazines and newspapers to encourage students to broaden their knowledge of not just the English language but of local, national and international news and United States culture.

Lunchroom and Student Lounge: The lounge is available for students to relax or eat their lunch and contains seating for over 50 people. Water, tea, soda and snacks are available at a reasonable charge. Several diners and other restaurants are available near the school for more substantial options.

Lecture Hall: The lecture hall seats 60 people and used for orientations and special events.

Transportation Facilities: BCCAT maintains its own parking facility and provides this at no charge to both faculty and students. Students using New Jersey Transit are eligible for a student discount rate.

Restrooms: Separate male and female restrooms including wheelchair accessible stalls are located within the main teaching area.